Custom Embroidered or Printed Bags in 24 Hours or they're Absolutely Free!

Our 24 Hour Guarantee Terms & Conditions

1/ Our 24 Hour service is not our default service. This service is an extra service we offer in those cases of emergency when you have no more time and we have many times helped solve our clients emergencies with this service. 

If you require our 24 Hour Guaranteed service, so we can give your order the priority it deserves and we can quote you accurately, we must be informed of your need of a 24 hour service when you first contact us for your quote request.

2/ 24 Hour Clock applies to Monday to Friday only, does not include weekends and begins after the following has occurred: 
a/ Receiving approval of finished print ready art. (Print ready art is a finished Illustrator file or a 300 dpi+, same size PDF or Photoshop file.) 
b/ Receiving full payment for your order.

3/ Minimum order value $240 plus GST. To run an express order, our minimum order value is $300 plus GST. For Guaranteed 24 Hour orders, items are costed at our regular rates plus a 20% Express Fee.

4/ Maximum order covered by our 24 Hour Guarantee is 1000 pcs for screen printed bags and 100 pcs for embroidered bags with one decoration per bag. We may be able to do more, if required please ask, we'll do our best.

5/ Maximum screen print colours covered by our 24 Hour Guarantee is 2 colours on white bags or 1 colour on coloured bags. We can print up to 8 colours for regular production on 1-2 week turnaround orders.

6/ Maximum embroidery stitch count covered by our 24 Hour Guarantee is 8,000 stitches which covers most logos.

7/ Guarantee is limited only to bags in stock in Sydney and is subject to current stock availability.

8/ Guarantee is to have the finished bags 'Ready at our dock for Dispatch or Pick Up' within 24 Hours. Our 24 Hour Guarantee does not include time in transit from our loading dock to you.

9/ 24 Hour Bags reserves the right to decline a 24 Hour Guaranteed order in cases of fully booked production capacity.

10/ These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.